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About Dr. Dragus

About Dr. Andi Dragus

“I started my career in stomatology in 1995 as a dental technician. My first job was at the Clinic of the famous football player Gica Hagi where I have practiced until 1999, then I set up my own company in the dental field named Bizzar Laboratory.

In 1998 I graduated and I was awarded the bachelor degree at the Bucharest University of Economic Studies. I continued my medical studies at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy and in 2005 I set up SDA Medical Dental Clinic where I develop my medical activity. Starting from middle school until present, I have studied and I am still studying in many fields such as the Design Courses of the Arts Popular Academy of Bucharest that I graduated in 1997. President of NADT (National Association of Dental Technicians)
In 2012 I graduated the studies of the National Defense College at the National Defense University “Carol I”.

In 2010 – 2012 I attended the implantology master courses of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy CAROL DAVILA

At present I am Ph.D. student at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy CAROL DAVILA with Prof. Mihai Augustin “Occlusal articular and neuromuscular rehabilitation methods in implant-prosthetic oral rehabilitation”.

My notion of dentistry is a complex and interdisciplinary one. I want my patients to understand how important oral cavity is, that is just one part of the masticatory apparatus (stomatognathic system) and to realize how important each tooth of the dental arches is.

Unfortunately, in Romania there are still patients who waive very easily of one or many teeth on the principle that – I have 28-32 teeth in the oral cavity, it is no problem if I lose few of them. It is very important to emphasize all functions of the masticatory apparatus (breathing, mastication, deglutition, phonation, aesthetics, stress management) by the treatments realized by me and I do not relate primordially to aesthetics and only that.

Dental aesthetics is very important in the 21st century, but it may not replace the TMJfunctionality (temporomandibular joints) as importance. Please do not understand that I do not work at a very high esthetic level or that I am against dental aesthetics. I want my patients to understand that maxillary and mandible bones are those that influence their aesthetics firstly and then there are the teeth and the various prosthetic works I make (prep or no- prep veneers, dental crowns).

In 2016 I invented the Horizontal Preparation Protocol (HPP), which is a minim-invasive functional protocol, that is predictible and can be easily reproduced and it aims to realize the preparation for veneers and crowns.

In 2018 I have designed an interdisciplinary concept both functional and esthetic for cosmetic dentistry, named Condilographiated Veneers. The concept starts from the mandibular dynamic and the masticatory reflex and integrates esthetics with craniomandibular functionality.

I have seen more often a manipulating tendency of lengthening the upper front teeth in order to increase the lip volume. This type of treatment is not adequate and will not function on the medium and long term for all patients because the upper front area represents the functional space, that is directly connected to the dynamics movements of the mandible, we can lengthen the upper front group, but only after a functional analysis of the dynamics movements of the mandible. This diagnosis analysis is called condilography and it is an exact and non invasive method. Only if I work interdisciplinary I can offer to my patients a complex treatment plan and not a treatment that is fancy or is put on facebook.

Starting with 2001, I have been lecturer for international companies such as: GC Europe, Straumann Switzerland, Alpha Bio Israel, Zubler Germany, Dr Eyes Germany, Adin Israel, 3M USA, Kavo Germany, College of Dental Technicians of Romania.

In our medical dental clinic, we have a training center since 2004 where various courses are held for physicians and dental technicians and it is one of the few dental laboratories certified by the College of Dental Technicians of Romania.”


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  • Fixed and mobile prosthetics on implants and natural teeth — Bern University Master Course - Prof. Dr D. Buser and Prof. Dr. U.C. Belser 2013
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  • Certification on : Dr. Andi DRAGUS Is using Geistlich biomaterials, the world market leader in regenerative dental solutions, produced in Switzerland 2011
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